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Currently, the honeymoon nightwear collection is being sold from both the offshore stores as well as its own website. The companys owner, who is also functioning as the CEO, feels that with the new collection of nighty for honeymoon , the nightwear brand is going to grow stronger and shall acquire 13% market share this year. This means that the company is going to register an annual growth of 50%, solely because of this product. It will help the company in pumping in capital for its next phase of expansion in the international markets. In talks with the Fashion Head of the company, the details of the honeymoon nightwear were shared. There are a variety of honeymoon nightwear types in the collection. The first one is peignoir, which is a type of nightwear where it has a panty embedded into it. Within a week of its launch, the company has received several orders for this nightwear. The other type of honeymoon nightwear included in this collection is the baby doll nightwear which is also called as negligee or a short night gown. This nightwear is embellished with laces, embroideries, ribbons, bows, marabou and are typically placed on the cups region. This nightwear is supported with thin spaghetti straps.

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